'They are so good, I bought two!'

'They are so good, I bought two!'

A housebuyer at Redcliffe Homes' The Rolls Building development loved his new apartment so much that he bought another!

It's not hard to see why these apartments are so popular, with their wonderful Monmouth location and unique character. The flats are in the renovated Rolls Building, an imposing local landmark. Redcliffe has retained the high ceiling and light-filled space of the original cottage hospital that was housed in the building. In a world where too many new homes look the same inside and out, these are genuinely unique design-led homes. There are now just four homes left in the Rolls Building so buyers looking for something unique and full of charm need to act quickly.

"I wasn't actively looking to move house," says John Yapp, owner of two apartments in the Rolls Buildings, "but while visiting friends in Monmouth we walked past the development and I immediately went for a look. Suddenly, it seemed the right moment to move, not least because I wanted to find somewhere more rural because city living at my previous home in Bristol was giving me a real problem with my asthma.

"The apartments in the Rolls Buildings were appealing because they're so different to the norm. The whole building is a little bit quirky, which I like. I chose a flat on the ground floor, which has a lovely veranda that I really enjoy The other advantages included it facing south, having a garden, which I'd missed having, an also just the sense of history to the place.

"After I had bought the apartment, I had some money to invest so I decided to buy an apartment on the first floor as an investment. I intend to let out one of the apartments but it's hard to choose which to live in myself as they're both so nice!"

What John also likes is the location. The Rolls Building is on the edge of Monmouth, a lovely town known for its natural beauty and thriving town centre but also its access to local commercial centres such as Cardiff and Bristol. "It works well for me," says John. "I can travel easily - and that will get even better when the Severn Bridge toll disappears. Others in the building have bought because it's convenient for Haberdashers' School. It's just a good location for many reasons."

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Posted by Mandy Parker