Sustainable Living

Climate change is the most urgent and pressing issue facing us all and we recognise the crucial role Housebuilding can play in minimising its impact on future generations and the planet.

Sustainable Living is an essential part of what we do as a Company, keen to promote sustainable development on all of our schemes, working with local communities to achieve what we all aspire to; developments that make positive contributions to their Environments and local Communities.

We may not always get the balance right, but we will try to strike a fair balance between the many competing demands on development for urgently needed new homes.

Needless to say our employees are all enthusiastic about protecting and promoting the ideals of sustainable living, ensuring that, as a company, we do actually “walk the walk”, delivering on our promises.



Here are a few examples of what we have achieved so far. 

Policies & Procedures

We have in place a number of sustainable living procedures controlling all aspect of development which are constantly reviewed to ensure we keep up with the latest best practice.

We continually seek to introduce new sustainable measures on all schemes coming forward


  • Designing layouts taking advantage of natural light and orientation to the sun
  • Incorporating extensive cycleways and footpaths
  • Utilising existing landscape features whilst reinforcing the green environment with additional tree planting and shrubs, making for a green environment


  • Providing points for electric car charging
  • Providing cycle parking in public areas
  • Introducing cycleways and enhancing existing networks


  • Providing highest rated energy efficient appliances
  • Installing air source heat pumps and electric heating, minimising use of gas boilers
  • Controlling light pollution/energy lighting
  • Installing photovoltaic solar panels
  • Incorporating smart technology to control energy costs in the home


  • Utilising dual flush WC's
  • Providing advice to homeowners on water usage in homeowners packs

Waste & Recycling

  • Implementing comprehensive waste management plans on site
  • Controlling waste removal and segregating for reuse
  • Minimising site cart-off minimising transport to landfill


  • Implementing noise/dust controls on site
  • Minimising light pollution in layout design to protect wildlife & corridors


  • Sourcing only FSC timber from accredited sources
  • Reusing crushed materials on site

House Designs

  • Designing national award winning schemes
  • Designing-out complexity to avoid waste
  • Improving air tightness in homes
  • Adopting the fabric first approach to improving energy efficiency
  • Building with efficient timber frame systems
  • Building bungalows
  • Designing home offices within the home

Health & Wellbeing

  • Providing gardening tips in homeowners packs
  • Designing in accessible footpaths and cycleways within the scheme
  • Proving public exercise areas and seating

Ecology & Wildlife

  • Engaging specialist ecologists to design in ecology enhancing facilities to encourage biodiversity 
  • Installing badger setts, bat and bird boxes
  • Creating wildlife 'oases'/ponds to encourage wildlife

Local Communities & Residents

  • Involving local schools in projects
  • Making contributions to local charities
  • Encouraging our purchasers to manage their environment via a residents management company
  • Providing community facilites - Community shop, local museum and art centre