Redcliffe Foundation supports local community

Redcliffe Foundation supports local community

As part of our social responsibility we have established the Redcliffe Foundation with Quartet, an independent charity funding a wide range of individuals and groups within the local community. Our foundation is particularly focused on helping disadvantaged teenagers and environmental issues. 

During the recent coronavirus outbreak our foundation supported the Spring of Hope women’s night shelter in Bristol, which offers emergency temporary accommodation to vulnerable and homeless women. It provides a warm and safe environment where vulnerable women are able to seek help confidentially and without fear.

The Shelter said “It is so heartening when we receive a gift from a generous donor that allows us to say "yes" to desperate women in need of help, to welcome them in and to provide for their needs. On behalf of all of us, I would like to say a big thank you for your donation''

Further support was given to the Coronaviruses response fund, getting donations to the front-line very quickly - some of the grants already made from the fund include:

• A temporary, in-house food-bank to support a local housing association’s most vulnerable tenants.

• An advice organisation providing urgent financial support and advice to low income families.

• Providing food and essential living and baby items for distribution to isolated and destitute refugees.


Posted by Mandy Parker