Social Responsibility

We are always happy to discuss our proposals with the local Community and listen to their concerns, recognising that they are proud of their neighbourhood and community.

This dialogue does not stop there; when we build we have established procedures for liaising with the Community to ensure that disruption and pollution are minimised, whilst ensuring safety at all times.

As part of our social responsibility we have established the Redcliffe Foundation with Quartet, an independent charity funding a wide range of individuals and groups within the local community. Our foundation is particularly focused on helping disadvantaged teenagers and environmental issues. We are also very proud to support the work undertaken by Barnardos, Quartet Community Foundation, Julian House and The World Wide Fund for Nature.

In additional to our ongoing commitment to Quartet and numerous other local charities we have also made the following financial contributions for the benefit of the Community:

Rowden Brook

Community Infrastructure Levy £1,207,786

S106 Contribution £399,079



Community Infrastructure Levy £172,772

S106 Contribution £660,376

Three of the affordable homes on the development are M4(3) Wheelchair user dwellings. The design provides provisions for a wheelchair user to live in the dwelling and the ability to use any outdoor space. All M4(3) dwellings have rise and fall kitchens and the house has wheelchair lift installed.

In addition we are committed to making substantial payments on all of our other developments.






WWF-UK. Registered charity no.1081247 (England and Wales) and SCO39593 (Scotland)