Social Responsibility

We are always happy to discuss our proposals with the local Community and listen to their concerns, recognising that they are proud of their neighbourhood and community.

This dialogue does not stop there; when we build we have established procedures for liaising with the Community to ensure that disruption and pollution are minimised, whilst ensuring safety at all times.

As part of our social responsibility we have established the Redcliffe Foundation with Quartet, an independent charity funding a wide range of individuals and groups within the local community. Our foundation is particularly focused on helping disadvantaged teenagers and environmental issues.

Last year we were delighted to donate over £29,000 towards a wide range of both local and national charities chosen by our staff, making a small contribution towards their invaluable work.

These charities included: Local Foodbanks, Cancer Research, Help Homeless Bristol, Dementia Connections and Family food 4 Free.

In addition we are very proud to support the work undertaken by Barnardos, Quartet Community Foundation, Julian House and The World Wide Fund for Nature.

To date we have donated over £300,000.





WWF-UK. Registered charity no.1081247 (England and Wales) and SCO39593 (Scotland)