Gascoigne Park

Milborne Port, Somerset

Redcliffe Homes acquired the site in November 2021 after obtaining detailed planning consent.

The Development will consist of 65 dwellings, private homes comprising of two, three, four and five-bedroom homes, including 35% affordable homes. The consent will deliver improved access arrangements, green spaces and a retail outlet.

Substantial S106 contribution and Community Infrastructure Levy will be paid benefiting the wider community.

We are currently undertaking tree clearance, installing tree protection and reptile fencing in accordance with the Ecological Management Plan. Tree lines will be retained to create Wildlife corridors.

Small slow worm population present on site were translocated in Spring 2022.

No gas will be installed on the development. We have taken the decision to install Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) for space heating and domestic hot water. ASHP are energy efficient with a low carbon footprint.

Electric car charging points will be installed on the Development

Planning for a retail unit was approved 29 April 2022.

S278 Technical Approval is in progress so we anticipate starting on site late Summer 2022



Nup End Green


To register your interest please contact Redcliffe Homes:

Tel: 01454 316633
Email: info@redcliffehomes.co.uk